QuickSpec: Unintentional Outcomes Edition

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Obamacain lottery extended until an hour an a half ago, so… hurry?

This article on anorexia is called “The Campus Elephant.”

Activism outside Columbia: it’s a whole other (gentrified) world out there.

There are a number of Mexican restaurants by campus. Here are their phone numbers and addresses.

At an undisclosed location, at an unnamed date and time, Nino Burjanadze, the ex-head of Georgian Parliament came and spoke at Columbia. Circumstances of the visit are likewise unknown.

It is available to you and it is free, so watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles because why not.

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  1. flanders  

    Dear Lord, that was the loudest profanity I've ever heard.

  2. viewer

    Forget the Sarah Connor Chronicles - watch "Fringe," the other show they're offering for free.

    It's the new show by JJ Abrams, who created "Lost"

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