Solved: The Mystery of the Doctors Without Borders Event

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In the comments section of this very site (and others) many of you speculated that a Doctors Without Borders event originally scheduled to be in Roone on 9/11 was, in cruelly ironic fashion, canceled to make way for the Obamacain Service Spectacular of 2008.

A tipster on the Doctors Without Borders listserv just forwarded Bwog an email sent to attendees of the event that announced a location change. The event (Starved for Attention: The Neglected Crisis of Malnutrition) will now be held in Riverside Church. 

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  1. starved

    for attention? ironic.

  2. Lottery??  

    Bwog, has anyone heard about tickets to McBama???

    Do only the winners get emails or should rejects expect them, too?

  3. bitter  

    Columbia also canceled the / Action Without Borders Graduate Schools for the Public Good Fair on Wednesday 9/10 to make room for this event.

  4. boohoo  

    get over it, all of you. I hear many of you were given alternate locations.

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