QuickSpec: Embellished Metaphor Edition

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McCain and Obama at Columbia, a glorified activities fair.  Thank you Mr. Krebs.

First Kim’s disappears, now Morningside Books?

Local political primaries are today, did you remember (or care)?

Fire alarms are loud (or at least they should be).

Radical: a politics of love and an ethics of compassion (or maybe just crazy).

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  1. pineapplexpress  

    james franco was trying to study in the library last night, and mobs of freshmen girls demanded pictures with him.

    poor guy.

  2. Hrm

    *rolls eyes* Morningside Books is overpriced. I'm sorry if you haven't noticed, but Labyrinth has a huge collection of fiction and everything else for that matter. It's been one of my favorite bookstores for ages, right up there with Foyle's of London. Pretty sad for Spec to lump it in with Barnes and Noble considering it is a successful local, privately owned bookstore with probably one of the two best collections in the city (I put it equal to the strand. Although it has fewer books, the Strand is another one of those stores that likes to commit highway robbery with used books).

  3. please  

    Don't give credit to Krebs for piggybacking off other student leaders' hard work. He was at Senior Night while others were working hard to get an email out to admin that would ensure a fair lottery and a jumbotron.

  4. Meghan

    McCain, CC'07: “No one knows what war is like other than my family. Period.”

  5. jimbob

    Read the campus newspaper of Vassar College!

  6. haha

    Poor Peter Valereis... He does all the bitch work over the last two years all the way from flex off campus to this... Then when it comes time to give the credit, George gets all the attention...

    It really is sad

  7. lol  

    Mccain is now ahead of Obama in the latest National Poll. Christ.

  8. In The Know

    Polls are bullshit. Their sample size is only a few hundred and the media organization can achieve whatever response they want depending on how they ask the questions and where you ask them. It is in their best interest to have McCain close to Obama in the polls because it creates controversy which in turn generates articles and sells papers. Many democrats have pulled back a bit after the long hard hilary v obama thing and many republicans are surged up because of the recent controversial and press making choice of palin. Dont put too much merit in them at this point.

  9. I put  

    my faith in intrade. But, I am completely willing for some econ or math person to prove to me that it isn't accurate.

  10. anthony kelley  

    [radicalism is] "a rich political tradition rooted in the politics of love and the ethics of compassion"

    what the hell is he even talking about. has this guy read a single fucking history book?

    i like how he included an apology within his column, yet pretended that wasn't the point of the column.

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