QuickSpec: Not All That Obvious Edition

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alanAlan Brinkley
is the most popular Columbia professor on Facebook.

Columbia is trying to “ameliorate” tensions with the community.

Columbia gets amazing athletic recruits, who eat McDonald’s every day, wear jeans so tight that their legs atrophy and smoke clove cigarettes. 

Statisticians: Here are all the sexy details about the rigorous lottery

Pity the first-year who did not witness the hunger strike and thus cannot fully understand the ramifications of the Global Core.

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  1. ah bwog  

    I love your quickspec. Saves me time and energy. And you're funny.

  2. sad  

    that anthony kelleys column doesnt run every day. :(

  3. i'm baffled  

    as to why these people would choose columbia as the school for their sport. pittsburgh, bc, and xavier are almost always in march madness (to varying degrees of success)...columbia, not so much.

    but then again, it's a great back up plan. if sport doesn't work out, at least you can fall back on a great education (maybe that's the selling point?)

  4. anyone care

    to wager how many undergrads won seats in the lottery? I'm going to throw out 15 as a start.

  5. there are others...

    Do people talk about/care about any sport other than football and basketball? The men's heavyweight rowing team had its best finish in 70 yrs, both against individual schools and in post season championships. Additionally, they went to the prestigious Henley Regatta and did fairly well. This success is both a product of highly selective and successful recruiting as well as a renewed and intense focus by the coaching staff.

    • um....  

      saying "[men's heavy rowing] had its best finish in 70 yrs" doesn't mean much if you don't qualify that statement. isnt this the first time they have finished ahead of Yale in like the past 10 years or so? Yale..a heavy program that is very mediocre at the moment.

      finishing 1st would be something to be proud of even after being 3rd or so for a number of years. finishing 3rd or 4th after being 5th or 6th (even 8th at some points) doesn't mean that much.

  6. Lauren Salz  

    is crazier than Anthony Kelley.

  7. alum

    Lauren Salz is crazier than Chris Kulawik.

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