Roone’s ServiceNation Makeover

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Bwog snuck into Roone to see all the exciting preparations for tomorrow’s Service Spectacular. There are about 20 people inside working on installing cameras, television screens, and mysterious black sercrecy curtains shrouding the Broadway entrance to Lerner. There are also a few important looking people on stage discussing logistics of the chairs and American flag paneling. More fairly passable cameraphone photos after the jump.

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  1. wkcr  

    "Thank you for your interest in covering ServiceNation’s Summit in New York City. We have processed your press credential request; you have been approved to receive a media pass for the summit."

    wahoo! wkcr news is in

  2. ...

    Anybody else see the squat of 6 secret service guys with shade walking around college walk...

  3. In the know  

    Good news for CTV watchers-- because of the live simulcast, CUIT has fixed that terrible static problem that's been going on for the past many many years.

    Now THAT'S change you can believe in!

  4. psh  

    they definitley could have pushed those rows 2x closer together

  5. also  

    those aisles are way too big, they could have fit at least 5000

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