Empty Seat Scandal!

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As we wait for Barack Obama to walk across College Walk and hop into a white SUV at the sundial — UPDATE 10:10 PM: Security says they’re “having trouble with the dorms” and this walk is canceled — we’ve received a Shocking Report that an estimated 75 seats located on the lower level of Roone were completely empty.

A Roone insider reports that ServiceNation brochures and a copy of Time were placed on these seats, indicating that they were, at least in theory, designated for audience members. 

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  1. Whatever

    Get over it... That forum is SO 2 hours ago...

  2. Anonymous  

    i was one of the select few with a ticket and it was true. i looked behind me from the student section and saw empty chairs!!!!!!!! if they just filled them that would be like an extra .23% from the lottery or something, which is almost like twice as many kids could have gone!!

  3. ahhhh  


    PS, Kid behind me who kept yelling obscenities, mocking your fellow students, and being a general DOUCHE...

  4. fox news  

    any word on how our columbians on hannity and colmes did?

  5. coolawick

    the forum sucked and the crowd sucked even harder. i wish they got better speakers at this place.

  6. fellow snorter  

    does anyone know where we can find footage of the mccain snort?

  7. snore

    That was just boring. I think we all know how to get involved in community service.

  8. Silly Rabbit  

    Glad I skipped most of it. From what I hear it was just dull- in content and delivery.

    What bugs me the most are the douches who go to these things and spend the whole time rolling their ass and passing comments.

    A) They can't hear you. Only the people sitting around you can.

    B) You're obviously there alone, so who exactly are you talking to?

    C) The people that can hear you...came this close to smacking you behind the head. True story.

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