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We’ll start a second liveblog dedicated to the Summit itself, which is about to start. Join us! Or reminisce about all the fun times we had on the lawn, with our earlier liveblog.


7:04 PM: Everyone took their seats off the stage. Ushers are ushering people to chairs. If Bwog sees one empty chair…

7:06 PM: Ooh, we’re starting, we’re starting! Thank you to our sponsors, Target and Time magazine, and others!

7:07 PM: It’s Joseph Ienuso, who just asked one million people to turn off their cell phones.

7:08 PM: Bwog operative spots a sniper on the roof of Butler. Awesome.

7:09 PM: It’s someone from Target and someone from AARP talking about ServiceNation. Hm, it seems most of the sodas that were here earlier are gone.


7:11 PM: Where is Rick Stengel?! Oh but who cares that’s Usher, the “youth co-chair.”

7:14 PM: A pack of Terrible 12s are celebrating 40s on 40, about four years too early. They are wasted. They’re right by Alma Mater, go say hello!

7:17 PM: So while this guy is talking, we thought we’d report that earlier Joe Biden gave a small speech to a crowd at 114th and Broadway.

7:18 PM: The flaxen-haired, elf-like boy who plays Eric van der Woodsen is sitting on the steps behind Alma Mater. Maybe the Terrible 12s will share their alcohol with him, but we doubt it.

7:21 PM: It’s PrezBo time.

7:23 PM: PrezBo thanks ServiceNation and talks about 9/11 and extends a special welcome to the 9/11 families, who are in Roone.

7:24 PM: PrezBo is proud of you, just for sitting on the Steps!

7:25 PM: Now he’s talking about the history of the Core, because he may as well. He just called Lerner a “global citizenship house” and said that all of Columbia should be called that.

7:26 PM: SEAS shout-out.

7:27 PM: There’s no audio for you on the lawn, apparently. Yikes. Well, PrezBo is just introducing Paterson.

7:28 PM: Paterson is telling a Service-related joke that also relates to his blindness.

7:30 PM: Shocking reports from the unruly lawn: the livefeed has cut out! There are boos and demands for the Jumbotron to be turned up.

7:32 PM: Paterson is calling us to Service. Oh, now he is talking about the economy and subprime things and 3/4 of people being dissatisfied with the direction in which the country is going, which sounds suspiciously partisan to us.

7:33 PM: Lawn report! Audio on the Jumbotron is up, there is brief cheering. Then the screen loses color.

7:35 PM: Bwog operative sends in photos and notes from outside the gates: A few lonely World Can’t Wait protesters — including Manhattanville activist Tom DeMott – -with orange signs decrying war against Iran, torture, etc. etc. Passersby either take pictures or rush on confusedly.

7:37 PM: People in the press room are giggling at the ridiculous Tobey Maguire introduction: “He starred in 3 of the 15 highest grossing movies of all time…” Apparently Maguire’s next movie co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal.

7:38 PM: Tobey: “I swear I did not write that introduction.” Even Tobey Maguire is a little incredulous Tobey Maguire is here.

7:40 PM: Overheard: “Let’s drink every time they say ‘service.'” Please don’t kill yourselves.

7:40 PM: Tobes says that though he may play a superhero in the movies, the real superheroes are the people who do actual good deeds. Mmm.

7:41 PM: Tobes is clealy unsure whether to look at the audience or the camera. Now he just looks stoned.

7:44 PM: A woman whose son died on 9/11 is talking about terrorism, torture, and how she has dedicated her life to helping victims of mass violence.

7:46 PM: “The need is everywhere is growing as war and civil strife continue to make headlines around the world.”

7:47 PM: Lawn Report! Trouble with the screen! It’s black and white, and alternating to color, and now it’s off…

7:49 PM: 9/11 is now a nationally recognized day of service. Another 9/11 family member just said of 9/11: “You wanted to find a way to help, even in just a small way. We thought that passion was just too valuable to waste.”

7:52 PM: The screen is black. Some press member just screamed.

7:53 PM: Oh, thank god, it’s back. But who is this guy? Apparently the screen’s still out on the lawn.

7:53 PM: The screen is gone again. You can actually feel panic. Everyone is silent but screaming on the inside.

7:55 PM: People are starting to migrate from the Steps, as there is no video or sound. In the press room, there’s just the ServiceNation logo which is, in a way, worse than if it were just a blank screen.

7:56 PM: It’s Joseph, working with the content team. He’s thanking us for blogging and telling us about, and there’s a livefeed but that is down. Now he is telling us about the depelted soda reserves.

7:57 PM: Listen up! Joseph says that the screen will cut out when there is an advertisement. Everyone calmed down and went to go find soda.

8:00 PM: Ha, all the media people are trashtalking C-SPAN. “This is a perfect C-SPAN event, there are all these celebrities,” which we think is an insult.

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  1. creeped out  

    i see myself in that press picture, but i don't see you.

  2. WTF

    Why do we not have a live feed in the Steps?! Seriously, it's been 20 minutes!!!

  3. Alma Mater

    Why aren't we seeing anything on the Jumbotron, then?

  4. biden  

    i heard he was at starbucks. any other biden sightings besides that and his 'speech' on 114th?

  5. bwog  

    is kicking ass on this thing

  6. Live Stream  

    live stream of the event available here (why did mtv get credentials! but oh well):

  7. also  

    live feed at; link on front page

  8. at 8  

    c-span feed starts at 8pm

  9. yes  

    cool, but cspan's feed hasn't started yet, and when it does cspan tends to have bandwidth issues often, and this mtv one is running like a charm


    Jack McGourty was caught servicing himself behind the Jumbotron. It appears that the enormous size disparity between his ego and his mini-gourty caused the Jumbotron to blow a fuse. Things should be restored soon.

  11. meh  

    "and this mtv one is running like a charm"

    not so much now. is this an MTV problem, or a general media feed problem?

  12. yeah  

    the mtv feed is not working at all.

  13. yes  

    seems no one, including people watching in Low in the press room, has anything!!!!

  14. yes  

    oh so it just disappears when there're ads on TV

  15. cnn  

    live stream working at cnn...starting at 8pm with candidates

  16. meh  

    I heart Judy Woodruff. the newshour with Jim Lehrer rocks!

  17. yes  

    i like her too. new thread

  18. meh  

    migrating comments to new thread.

  19. plato

    just need philosopher-king PrezBo to descend the steps of low

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