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Today, we received many outstanding photographs of various things like David Gergen and cops on the roof of Butler and Joe Biden befriending a small child on a bicycle. Here is a collection of the day’s special moments. Plus a bonus PhotoShop Contest after the jump!

Photo by Jon Hill


Photo of Joe Biden and new friend by Jenny Shen

Photo of CNN correspondent/Nixon advisor David Gergen by Jon Hill

Photo by Mariela Quintana

Photo by Anthony Yim

Photo by Anthony Yim

Photo by Anthony Yim

Photo by Anthony Yim

Photo by Anthony Yim

Photo by Mariela Quintana

Photo by Jon Hill

Bwog’s Culinary and Sciences Editor Jon Hill (also the famed photographer of many of the above photos) has announced a PhotoShop Contest. The challenge: What would Alma be holding in her left hand while watching the Summit? PhotoShop it in, and send to [email protected] by Sunday at noon.

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  1. re: contest

    a gun. Because McCain chose the village idiot (literally) for VP.

  2. contest  

    Obama's transcript?

  3. nbt  

    We should have given Obama an "I am light blue" shirt

  4. STFU  

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOL another Sarah Palin / Republican joke by another self-thinking, trend-eschewing liberal! GREAT JOB BEING ORIGINAL YOU FUCKING CLONE.

    • STFU  

      just because most people at this school are smart and therefore liberal doesn't mean its a trend sweetie. good luck with your econ major.

      • HAH

        "Smart and therefore liberal"

        I should write that one down.

      • EAL  

        Wow, you honestly assume any rational-thinking person is liberal? Sounds like you're the one who needs to "STFU." Some tolerant and enlightened liberal you are.

        My favorite part of last night's forum was when Obama endorsed Columbia ROTC. The entire crowd outside fell silent. At least Obama has his senses about him on a few issues.

        • ...  

          Well considering that the conservatives had 6 years of unfettered control of federal government, and yet somehow managed the shatter pretty much every traditional principle for which their ideology is supposed to stand (fiscal responsibility, shrink the federal government, state's rights), I'd argue that it might be pretty hard for a rational-thinking conservative to rationalize his/her party allegiances right now.

          Then again, it would be really easy if the root of their allegiance had nothing to do with rationality, as I suspect is the case with many conservatives. (and indeed, some liberals)

  5. honestly  

    what pissed me off yesterday were all the remarks made by BOTH democrats and republicans. There was no reason to lash out harsh words on a forum where the 2 candidates weren't in a dialogue together and they certainly weren't debating. Oh yeah, you're all foul mouthed too which is the worst.

  6. ...

    What happened to Lill Momma? Didn't some email say she was going to speak on the steps...

  7. hmm  

    is it just me or is obama looking even paler than usual in that 3rd photo from the bottom?

  8. That dude's

    elbow looks like that little girl's face.

  9. Ummm  

    I don't personally care to pretend to be tolerant -- My views are very much on the left and I think I am CORRECT. I think you are stupid if you are a Republican or just an asshole. If you happen to be of an unprivileged background AND a Republican I think you are a delusional asshole.

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