QuickSpec: Culture and Magic Edition

Written by

A Robyn Schneider
for a new generation.

Philip Roth makes it big, in Hollywood!

Woody Allen makes things beautiful and slightly off-putting, in Barcelona!

Standing up to middle school and high school bullies: what you need to know.

That time you sat uncomfortably on the Steps yesterday: relive the magic!

That time you watched the Summit and were vaguely bored: relive the magic!

Waterfalls are magic.


Photo by Anthony Yim

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  1. wow  

    wow. that picture is so epic-looking.

  2. Has  

    there been no free food so far this year, or is Bwog just getting lazy?

    I'm starving.

  3. that photo is  

    amazing. wish it were larger so I could save a copy.

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