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Has your weekend been lacking a certain cultural, athletic or alcoholic satisfaction? If so, check out Bwog’s mid-weekend guide to the weekend update.


Danscores by Ofelia Loret De Mola

Shakespeare’s Ophelia was not much of a badass. Rather than sticking it to the man, she let the man stick it to her. Not so with this Mexican-born Ofelia. In the final performance of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s “Sitelines” series, this choreographer expresses her rebellious anti-establishment opinions in performances that challenge the conventions of modern dance. Expect dancing in the street and lots of Mexican punk music.

City Park Hall; September 13-14 at 8; Free


Major Cultures, Global Core, there may be very little distinction between the two, but one thing we do know is that Columbia loves the Western Canon. The university’s love fest with Greek tragedy continues with the Miller Theater’s performance of Iannis Xenakis opera, Oresteia, based on Aeschylus’ tragedy.

Miller Theater; September 13, 16 and 17 at 8

The Brooklyn Book Festival

Books are great, but Butler on a sunny September day is not. Spend your Sunday in lovely Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza with some of your favorites authors, including Joan Didion, Jonathan Franzen, Pete Hamill, Jonathan Lethem, Richard Price, Simon Rich and others. Brooklyn’s finest politician, borough prez Marty Markowitz, will preside over the agora.

Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza; September 14 from 10 – 6  

Kayaking on the Hudson

Every Saturday and Sunday until October 15th, the New York City Downtown Boathouse hauls their hulls all the way uptown to 72nd Street. Just for you, dear reader! No tickets, no reservations, no equipment, no experience required. Leave your crocs at home.

Riverside Park at 72nd Street; Weekends and Holidays from 10 – 5

NY Craft Beer Week

According to folks behind this celebration, “there is always a good reason to stop in and enjoy a pint, be it for culinary exploration, watching a game, meeting friends, enjoying music, taking a date, playing games, testing one’s knowledge through trivia, or seeking some good ol’ fashioned solitary reflection.” Beer Week seeks to honor this adage through innumerable pub crawls, bar parties, brewery tours and BBQs. Upper West Side venues include Toast, Amsterdam 106, Dive Bar, The Dead Poet, Dinosaur BBQ among others.

September 12 – 21

Christmas on Mars

This weekend, the Flaming Lips introduce their fans to their recently completed movie Christmas on Mars: A Fantastical Film Freakout Featuting the Flaming Lips, a science-fiction extravaganza in which the red planet, a baby and an alien dressed as Santa come together for an excellent adventure. Screenings take place at.

September 12-30 at the K.G.B. Bar on E. 4th St.

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