Cham! Bhutan Ritual Dances

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An eerie calm descended on the usually bustling Low Plaza early this afternoon when a group of Bhutanese monks performed a demon subjugation dance ritual known as Tum Ngan

Intended to eliminate evil spirits in the surrounding area, the ritual comforted many still shaken by the presence of a Jumbo McCain while frustrating Ghostbusters enthusiasts for “totally stealing their glory.” More details after the jump.

The full performance consisted of two dances involving traditional garb, demon masks and daggers.  While not very technically impressive, the ritual seemed to induce much of the sizable audience into a therapeutic trance. The ritual is usually only performed once a year in Bhutan, but a vaguely British man informed the crowd that they would continue to perform throughout the city.  If you missed it today, try to catch them before their moves get co-opted by some fools on America’s Next Best Dance Crew.


– Evan Omi & Jon Kaplan

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  1. dang  

    ghostbusters. word to yo' face.

  2. fan  

    Evan Omi & Jon Kaplan: awesomest duo on campus.

  3. well...

    i just really like how 'British People' is a link under the Read More section

  4. furthermore

    i am disappointed that there are only two articles (including this one) on British people

  5. shit  

    jumbo mccain is fucking scary. his cheeks are huge and craggy like da astrocragggg

  6. (sarcasm)  

    Way to be non-partisan, Bwog.

  7. darn


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