1. Dear FavoriteComment  

    Rage was fuckin sick at rock the bells... obviously. How could it be otherwise? They opened with Testify and closed with Killing in the name. My friend broke two ribs in the moshpit and Zach announced that Pres Bush should be tried and hanged for war crimes... so sick.

  2. surprisingly  

    good showing of politicians at school this year

  3. minnesotan  

    Amy Klobuchar is fantastic, and a great speaker. Everyone should go.

  4. Anonymous  

    Minnesota represent. Also I like her.

  5. rage against  

    the machine is an awful band.

  6. glad to  

    get the chance to see her -- but why is she here? I don't think we've got very many people from her electorate... and yeah, we've still got a sort of a bad rap in the political sphere

  7. Inwoodite

    Will there be a throwdown -vs- Jesse "The Body" Ventura? Talk about Flex Account.

  8. TV Sports Fan  

    isn't the location the Roone Arledge Cinema in Alfred Lerner Hall?

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