Today: Hug a Business School Student

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It’s not often Bwog takes pity on the young masters of the universe of the Columbia Business School. They’re territorial with small spaces, and not terribly warm to the idea of mere undergraduates purchasing food in Uris.

But still, this week is not a good week for the b-schooler. Here, observe as they stand in Uris and watch updates about the banking collapse. 

Things are not looking good — they can have those group study rooms.



Photo by Lydia DePillis

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  1. anti-MBA  

    They can kiss my Fannie Mae.

  2. they  

    deserve exactly what they get. If they get boned in the ass, that is.

    • what?  

      Why do they get exactly what they deserve? Because they study econ? This is your fucking economy too in the shitter.

      • nope  

        They deserve what they get for being elitist and exclusive; for trying to kick undergrads out of Uris Deli (banning Dining Dollars), and for excluding undergrads from Libraries/common areas even though our spaces are open to them. As an undergrad w/ a job in finance, I do sympathize with everybody feeling the economic pain, just not people at CBS.

  3. bobby brown  

    I feel no sympathy for them, and I'm happy that the econ majors of this school will now have trouble finding jobs just like the rest of us...looks like that goldman's internship isn't going to mean shit!

  4. hey  

    the economy falling apart sucks for everyone, not just econ majors

  5. ...  

    not all MBAs go into finance.

    and seriously, we needed this to happen. banking was becoming a real brain drain.

    and yeah, it sucks for all of us, not just bankers.

  6. today in class  

    gulati was muttering about 1929. uh oh

    • okay  

      gulati is an idiot. So that is besides the point.

      • still 32  

        gulati is a definitely not an idiot. if you don't like him, or you think he's arrogant that's your business (there are certainly others who feel this way), but there's no denying that he's a very very smart guy... and for me personally, he's been my best econ professor so far (currently a junior)

        so yeah, in conclusion, sunil gulati is fucking awesome and for those doubters out there, I say to you, judge him by the only reasonable metric of professor ability:

        ... the # of birthday shout-outs he's received on bwog by comparison to others in the econ dept.

  7. Lydia:

    What the fuck? They don't get hugs for deciding to enter a field that is inherently risky. What kind of socialist feel-good shit is this, Bwog?

  8. those  

    bankers got what they deserved. greed is one of the deadly sins!

  9. Wow  

    The schadenfreude here is seriously misplaced. This isn't an isolated class whose failure is independent of yours. Get a grip, people.

  10. yup..  

    although i'm very anti-business, anti-econ, anti-MBA...this is a terrible, terrible thing that will most likely reverberate into every field in some time (when the economy goes to the shitter, we all do, right?) even those of us planning to get a phd will be affected -- public schools with budget tightenings will bring in fewer grad students, private schools will most likely do the same.

  11. knock knock  

    For christ's sake people, Bwog was trying (and succeeded, in my view) at being *funny*. Sure, they may go to hell for making light of a national economic crisis, but surely a lower circle. Or maybe the one where they put all the decent heathens. At any rate, point is, learn to appreciate a joke, and ease off on the self-righteousness every now and then.

  12. hey guess what

    fucktard when the economy goes to shit you know where the first cuts happen? Endowments for doctorate programs in anthropology, donations to museums, donations to human rights NGOs, UNIVERSITY EXPENDITURE ON STUDENT LIFE ACTIVITIES, arthouse film studios, etc. So the morons who are glad that people like myself who just graduated Columbia and do not come from a wealthy background and thus need a high paying job to pay off the 100k + debt that I have accrued at CU can go fuck themselves and their bullshit "american studies" majors since they can suck off the teat of their Connecticut and Westchester ensconced parents.

  13. ...  

    i'm curious how the university has invested its endowment.

    no easily googled mention on the web, other than mention of the "columbia investment management company" which was formed in 2002 (!!), apparently manages the whole shebang and is a wholly owned subsidiary with offices somewhere in midtown.

    they claim to be avging around 20% per year, which seems awfully high. (granted i haven't been paying attention to the benchmarks)

    i'd be curious what their asset class allocation looks like and if it differs from industry standards.

  14. ...  

    during my job this summer I got to see what Columbia's asset allocation is. it's very typical of other pensions/endowments in the $5-20 BB space, with appropriate allocations in equities, FI, Real Estate, alternative investments, etc. Obviously, the equity and real estate portion of the fund have likely performed poorly in the last year. what columbia seemed to be short was the alternative space, where yale and harvard have traditionally over-allocated. as bad as hedge funds have been touted as performing, they have been beating the dow and s+p soundly, so its a shame we don't allocate to them more.

  15. bwog  

    I have noticed that your method of deleting comments doesn't really effectively eliminate them ... instead it attracts them more attention because I (& others) are now insatiably curious about what comment #4 said that was offensive enough to merit its removal. i suggest actually removing the whole post

    ... just food for thought

  16. Sprinkles

    Think of the office cleaners and delivery men on minimum wage who are going to lose their jobs because of this. I couldn't care less about the fat cats whose greed and bad decisions were unsustainable, and whose salaries let them amass savings, but damn, a lot of people are going to be screwed through no fault of their own.

  17. Gordon Gekko

    Screw you humanities majors. In five years us ibankers will be back popping models and bottles while you are still stuck smoking your clove cigarettes in williamsburg, writing your batshit, pretentious novels.

  18. Gives me a hard on

    The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed -- for lack of a better word -- is good.

    Greed is right.

    Greed works.

    Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.

    Greed, in all of its forms -- greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge -- has marked the upward surge of mankind.

    And greed -- you mark my words -- will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA.

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