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The worst part of not having a yacht used to be not being able to wear Sperrys.  But thankfully things have changed:  This fall, those soft leather little loafers are appropriate for everyone. So go wild! Go on a Sperrys spree! 

And it’s not just about the traditional brown either.  Hanging out on College Walk, Bwog has seen spins on Sperrys in all shapes and colors. While brown Sperrys and pair of Madras shorts is the uniform of choice among the preppier set at Columbia, a worn-in pair of white or red Sprerrys complements skinny jeans perfectly and can be a welcome alternative to Vans this fall.  Here are the styles we’ve found in about campus this week: 

UPDATE 7 PM: Shocking News concerning your boat shoes, from a Greek life insider: Apparently, last night four freshman boys were denied entrance to a Sig Ep-thrown, country club-themed party, at which, our tipsters notes, there were “boat shoes all around.” One of the spurned freshman yelled “nice boat shoes, bitch!” which naturally led to violence and the subsequent arrival of the police.



Flashy, futuristic silver




  Classic white, or what remains thereof


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  1. Fanny

    You mustn't wear top-sider's in the Fall. Of course, if you're that attached to this staple of preppiedom I would recommend a nice pair of brown suede shoes. Brown suede really screams Fall- especially with green socks.

  2. Silly Rabbit  

    When did fashion for men turn so gosh damn ugly? I see guys walking around with these and a matching murse and I weep inside- outside it's a snort.

  3. goddamnit  

    now i can't wear mine

  4. I always thought

    these shoes looked retarded.

  5. give  

    boat shoes a chance. they're great for summer - you don't have to wear socks, but your feet are protected (people who wear flip flops in new york are crazy). they are a little bit dressy but also casual. don't hate.

  6. Fanny

    No, one doesn't wear socks with boat shoes- one wears them with loafers. I don't care for people who wear loafers without socks, but boat shoes (or top siders, as I'm sure the Sperry company would prefer) must not be worn with socks...although some chaps can pull the look off with white calf length socks...but only a scant few...and they usually only exist in Ralph Lauren ads.
    The most important thing though, is that they must be put away as of tomorrow, the first day of Fall.

  7. a chick  

    okay i wear boat shoes with socks, if i'm wearing long pants. also i'm afraid my white boat shoes will turn out like those

  8. EAL  

    Sperrys are fucking awesome, but I agree that with fall's arrival they must be put into hibernation.

    Time for me to break out the Brooks Brothers coat and argyle sweater vest.

  9. this  

    is so lame. fuck this shit.

  10. wow umm

    whenever I see a fratbro or a fratbro wannabe in boatshoes I get this irresistible urge to chop his feet off at his ankles and shove them down his throat. Thank you for re-igniting my flames of passion, Bwog.

  11. Maybe  

    I would think this was a cool new trend if my parents hadn't worn boat shoes for the entire duration of my life.

  12. i think  

    they're not terrible-looking
    i mean, they're an elegant alternative to sandals/flip-flops, which i think on men are the most hideous and atrocious thing ever

  13. yikes

    they're like the only thing i wear. Comfortable

  14. why

    must "hipsters" ruin everything. and they can be worn in the fall because boating still occurs in the fall.

  15. you can

    thank the crew teams for this one

  16. I thought

    The only ones allowed to wear boat shoes are those who boat.

    And no, motorboats don't count.

  17. Anonymous  

    don't be jealous.

  18. false  

    nothing compliments skinny jeans. especially your atrocious thighs. yes you. now stop.

  19. chris

    Sperry's rock okay. I love my green pair, not so much a fan of the traditional brown. However I do agree that they are a summer thing. They don't work so well with pants.

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