The worst part of not having a yacht used to be not being able to wear Sperrys.  But thankfully things have changed:  This fall, those soft leather little loafers are appropriate for everyone. So go wild! Go on a Sperrys spree! 

And it’s not just about the traditional brown either.  Hanging out on College Walk, Bwog has seen spins on Sperrys in all shapes and colors. While brown Sperrys and pair of Madras shorts is the uniform of choice among the preppier set at Columbia, a worn-in pair of white or red Sprerrys complements skinny jeans perfectly and can be a welcome alternative to Vans this fall.  Here are the styles we’ve found in about campus this week: 

UPDATE 7 PM: Shocking News concerning your boat shoes, from a Greek life insider: Apparently, last night four freshman boys were denied entrance to a Sig Ep-thrown, country club-themed party, at which, our tipsters notes, there were “boat shoes all around.” One of the spurned freshman yelled “nice boat shoes, bitch!” which naturally led to violence and the subsequent arrival of the police.



Flashy, futuristic silver




  Classic white, or what remains thereof