Jumpstart Your Christmas at Duane Reade

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Oh look, here is a depressing thing: Duane Reade has already begun stocking up on Christmas decorations. In hopes that these were actually just leftovers from last year, Bwog checked with the salesperson who confirmed that yes, these are new for the season.

So if you’re looking to start your Christmas paraphernalia collection early, at least they’re really cheap, what with this being September and everything. 

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  1. wtf!  

    are we completely skipping halloween?

  2. Jimmy Donuts

    Ha! They're just looking to unload the merchandise before the holiday season rolls around. Of course by that time everything is going to be utterly and completely fucked, and there will be no money to spend. It's going to be a miserable future, what with the economy going into the the toilet and everything.

  3. John Jay  

    I think they also skipped Constitution Day.

  4. Billy

    God, I hate that fucking store.

  5. Anonymous

    I did my Christmas shopping today, and for the very first time online. I used a site called to buy toys for my two children and I have to say it's really easy this way.

    The reason I am buying now is because I just love buying gifts really, so I can't wait 'til December.

    But yes, I'll probably end up buying things on the last minute as well.

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