QuickSpec: These Hips Don’t Lie

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True fact: Sarah Palin doesn’t eat babies.

Cars don’t run into you in Riverside Park.

The stock market crashed!  Now what?

Fight Club was released nine years ago.  Don’t you feel really old?  Like, over nine years old?

Columbia wants to demolish and rebuild in every direction!  Watch out Lincoln Center.

Columbia students may not like lines in John Jay, but they sure do like to spend their parents’ money!

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  1. The King of Spain

    Funny how the brownstones are only a rarity because of all the apartment buildings that took their places around 1910, when the old brownstones were sold to developers. But they also want to protect the apartment buildings...

    Is there only a 30-year window to change a neighborhood or is there nothing scarier than change?

  2. Palin Nonsense  

    Re: the Palin article: the only thing worse than that girl's ability to write is her ability to fact-check. Absolutely atrocious, all of it.

  3. Barnard-

    clearly, still not over the fact that they're not Ivy League.

    Palin- clearly, still not over the fact that we're not in Biblical times any more

    Me- clearly, still desperately disappointed over the state of affairs in this country.

  4. 9 years ago

    none of us should have been watching Fight Club. I hate the MPAA rating system as much as the next person, but its just not appropriate for for 12 year olds.

  5. Palin article  

    All politics aside, the writing aesthetic on that article made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

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