Columbia Beats Yale!

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report cardFinally, finally, Columbia has gotten some recognition for its dogged drive towards greenishness: a good-enough-everywhere-but-Columbia grade of A- on the third annual Sustainability Report Card for American colleges. The decision ties us with 14 other schools (including four Ivies, none of which were in New Haven, not that we care about that or anything). And it’s probably the most drastic improvement we’ll ever get in a national ranking, up from a B grade just last year.

Why the change?

The graders liked how transparent Columbia is with its $7 billion, responsibly-invested  endowment, and campus green groups got a nod for the eco-rep program and helping bring local food to John Jay. Columbia also scored points for joining the Mayor’s PlaNYC 2030 program for action on global warming (although PrezBo has yet to sign the President’s Climate Commitment, which sets different standards for carbon emissions reduction). Under the terms of that agreement, the school conducted an inventory of its carbon emissions, which hasn’t been released yet — look for some concrete numbers down the pike.

One school that won’t be taking its report card home to mom — the New School, which got an overall grade of D-, despite having launched a new environmental studies program this fall.


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  1. Transportation?  

    Why only a B in transportation?

  2. perhaps

    Because of bus shuttles and flying to school, such as offering carbon credits etc for travelling students and families.

  3. Nilda  

    Just to fill in -- We have had a running discussion with the report card folks about the transportation issue. They do not really base the grade on how many or the percentage of people on campus who actually take public transportation or walk or bike, but rather on carpools and so forth organized by the institution. I know. We scored points for having intercampus shuttles. Also the ACUPCC allows schools to set their own timelines for reductions -- we have a 10 year deadline. So expect to see more energy and climate initiatives as the year unfolds and we have less time to go....

  4. question  

    why is there a rivalry with/hatred of yale at columbia? (why THAT school?)

  5. hmm...  

    I thought it was also about how Yale and Columbia are both kind of artsy but that Yale was the higher ranked school.

  6. Columbia Rox  

    I don't remember Spiderman, Sammy Sosa, Obama, McCain, Usher, Shakira, et al. visiting New Haven recently...Or James Franco doing anything there.

    Obviously Columbia is better.

  7. jesus

    have i stumbled upon college confidential or something?

  8. What are my chances?  

    2270 SAT
    Good GPA
    Mad clubs


  9. hey  

    I've met a few kids that wanted to go.

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