EyePoke: Myopia Edition

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Anne Hathaway, collegiate role model

Let me tell you about the time I got an internship

An “interview” with the guy behind an actually really cool blog 

Stereotypically railing against enforced gender stereotypes

“We put not only the lipstick on the pig, but a dress, and we give it a tampon”


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  1. ivygate

    your Sartorialist interview link is wrong- goes to the same article as your second item. Feel free to delete this after you fix.

  2. damn

    the sartorialist is an awesome blog but that was an unbelievably shitty interview write-up. there was nothing to the article at all, besides the author relating in the third person exactly what scott had said.

    why not just write it up in easy-to-read, question and answer format, then?

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