Bwog on a Budget: Ikea Extravaganza

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Yesterday, in search of relatively cheap and relatively nice-looking dorm room staples, Bwog spent the dreary afternoon at Ikea, Red Hook’s biggest and brightest mega-store.

And while the Ikea Red Hook was a sight to behold, the overall experience was a minor success for Bwog’s dorm room and major’s set-back for Bwog’s budget. 

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Ikea is located in Red Hook, the best and last of the city’s industrial docks.  Think On the Waterfront.
  • Ikea delivers to your dorm.
  • Ikea Red Hook is accessible by Water Taxi and B77 bus line.
  • This spunky red side table sells for just $12.99.
  • The heyday of inflatable furniture returns with this inflatable frog ottoman ($15.99)
  • Bwog purchased three boldly colored 8′ x 11′ frames for $1.99 each.
  • And also 12′ x14′ wicker storage basket for $12.99
  • $0.50 hot dogs for lunch!



  • The floor plan of Ikea Red Hook includes a labyrinthine series of aisles and a nearly unnavigable stockroom. 
  • Bwog liked the Ektorp Jennylund chair but not its price tag, a whopping $170.
  • Bwog really didn’t like the Ektorp Jennylund slip cover for an additional $80.
  • The dimensions of all Ikea rugs exceed the standard 110 sf Wien single. 
  • The views at Ikea Red Hook are more scintillating than its showrooms. 
  • Bwog’s final receipt tallied to a total of $369.57. 


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  1. Swede  

    There are no pros and cons to IKEA. IKEA is the LORD.

  2. yes

    but could you have gotten as much cool stuff for $370 anywhere else?

  3. Riven  

    the answer is NO. Ikea is barely beatable in terms of prices. Finally Ikea is in NY as well. I love my Ikea by home in Europe.

  4. ...  

    if i spend more than 90 minutes in an ikea, i start to get really uncomfortable.

  5. ikrappa

    the ikea couch my douchebag roommate surprised us with last week is a total piece of garbage. and now we're all stuck with putting our asses on something not much different than the bleachers at baker field.

    until it breaks, of course.

    point is, not all ikea stuff is fantastic and a good amount of it - especially on the low-end - is total crap. for usually a slightly bit more (and sometimes even less), you can get better made and already put together furniture elsewhere in the city. (including delivery).

  6. Tyler Durden

    Didn't anyone watch Fight Club? effin Ikea...

  7. Anonymous  

    No food from the ballfields?

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