Pigeon in Butler!

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Bwog just received the following Shocking Report from Lecture Hop editor Pierce Stanley, who’s currently staked out in Butler:

“There is a pigeon in the reference room right now, flying around trying to get out and walking alongside the books on the walls. Everyone is sort of watching and laughing.”

Quickly! What should we name him? Stanley suggests Webster, “in honor of one of the most seminal reference books ever.”

And if you’re in Butler and you have a camera, snap a picture of this delightful avian distraction and send it to [email protected]

UPDATE 9:14 PM: Saakashtweety it is!

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  1. Silly Rabbit  

    Princeton....And then shoot it.

  2. suggestion  


    True fact: Pigeons are in the "Columbidae" family. Spooky, isn't it?


    guess who's never returning to butler again?

  4. Anonymous  

    There's also a sparrow stuck in the John Jay Dining Room.

  5. name it  

    Harry Whittington.

  6. anyone  

    ever notice the sparrows in westside market? they're usually over by the yogurt.

    hawkmadinebwog it!

  7. Aww poor thing

    I saw it this morning, when it was still at the main door. I'm sad it's still there

  8. yes  

    it happens a lot, not news

  9. yes  


    Main Entry: sem·i·nal
    Pronunciation: \ˈse-mə-nəl\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English, from Latin seminalis, from semin-, semen seed — more at semen
    Date: 14th century
    1 : of, relating to, or consisting of seed or semen

  10. which

    definition is bwog referring to this is important before i check it out

  11. I would say...  

    Sarah Pigeon... but that would be giving the good governor a little more attention than she deserves.

  12. maybe  

    it will shit on mark johnson's head. it should be our new mascot

  13. sarah pidg'lin  

    the only difference between a pidgeon and a sparrow... is lipstick

  14. btw  

    Hawkmadinebwog has been slacking. No entries in nearly a month? Come on now, Bwog

  15. Sprinkles

    Pigeon = Rock dove = Columba livius

    A pigeon should be the true mascot of Columbia - a tough, tenacious thing that's a lot smarter than people think.

    That whole thing where they peck at cigarette butts is just a ruse.

  16. got it  

    It's an extended metaphor for the sexual frustration brought on by the excruciating study process.

    Or maybe just a tip for future malthusians in the library?

  17. ...  

    szottsie the pigeon...

    ...was banished from the kingdom 30 years ago, but is back to visit. will the staff kick him out again?

  18. H-bwog  

    SEND IN POSTS TO HAWKMADINEBWOG! This arm of the blog is supposed to be reader-run, so if you want to read more, send in tips!

    The H-bwog management.

  19. Please  

    don't start a Sakaashtweetibwog.

  20. Sakaashtweeti?  

    Must be desperately seeking shelter from Hawkmadinejad.

  21. HES BACK!!!!  

    The dread monster is tearing apart a pigeon in a tree in front of Hartley and Hamilton as we speak. Bwog...send someone

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