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It’s time today to say goodbye to the New York Sun, which has been a diligent and dedicated chronicler of the life and times of Columbia and its faculty. Come, let’s relive the memories.

Way back in 2006, the Sun dutifully reported on the Joseph Massad and Nadia Ab El-Haj Tenure Battles. And then the following year, there was extensive coverage of the visit a certain Iranian President, which included some rather unflattering pieces about Coatsworth & Friends.

Then was that time that 70 prominent professors published a “statement of concern” in the paper, accusing your President Bollinger of stifling academic freedom. 

Oh, and then there was that other time when the Sun reported that a bunch of professors were going to Iran, to apologize to He Who Must Not Be Named.

And then when Current-founder Bari Weiss, CC ’07, signed on earlier this year as a freelancer, there came thorough coverage of the ROTC debate and PrezBo’s bizarre emails about the ROTC debate.

The New York Sun was devoted to coverage of the city and its institutions, and the quality of its local and arts coverage was a testament to that unwavering commitment.

But one Blue and White staffer poses an interesting question: “I wonder if people should stop namng newspapers ‘The New York Sun‘? This is the second time a paper of that name has died.”

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  1. I'll remember to  

    to watch "The Sun"-set today!

  2. EAL  

    I'd still like it if someone resurrected Joseph Pulitzer's New York World or Wm. Randolph Hearst's New York Journal-American. Now there was yellow journalism you could set your watch to!

  3. kind of a shame

    the sun was kind of like the post..cept with credibility and standards

    • Really?  

      I thought the Sun was the epitome of fucked up journalism; a Murdoch mouthpiece that doesn't need to hold itself to any standard of Journalism like the WSJ does.

      • EAL  

        Ah, you're confusing our old friend Rupert with Lord Conrad Black, another conservative who owned the Sun. Murdoch already has the Post as his mouthpiece, and he hasn't managed to contaminate the reporting of the WSJ...yet.

  4. institutional memory

    Lets not forget their infamous MEALAC coverage in '04-'05.

    Still, their metro reporting was top notch, especially remarkable given the small staff, and everyone loved the arts coverage. Plus, losing a daily paper is always a shame. I'm sad to see them go.

  5. good riddance  

    the sun was a piece of trash, equivalent to the daily news or ny post but pretending to be sophisticated

  6. cultured  

    Actually, despite it's right of center political leanings, the Sun had easily the best written Arts and Sports sections of any major city daily.

  7. Alum

    I'm surprised the Sun didn't blame Columbia for its demise.

  8. umm  

    I really hope Bwog is kidding about the last paragraph there...The NY Sun that just died was started in 2002 to continue the legacy of the 19th Century The Sun - a paper devoted to free markets, equality under the Constitution, and individual rights.

    Bwog, if you seriously didn't know that, you need to start doing some actual research and reporting before you churn out posts. You can start by reading this:

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