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According to an article by everyone’s favorite authority on colleges, US News and World Report, Columbia was nipped ever so slightly by Harvard this year for the top honor of being the university whose name appears most in global print and electronic media.  Hey, at least we trounced the rest of the Ivies, as Yale, Princeton, and Cornell were the only other Ancient Eight schools to appear in the top ten.

Rounding out the report’s top five were Michigan, UC Berkeley, and Stanford.  For the rest of the results (as well as a different ranking for the number of appearances of liberal arts colleges in the media) check out this New York Times-evoking report courtesy of the Global Language Monitor.

Who knows, maybe this post will push us over the top! Or maybe not!

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  1. ..or  

    maybe fuck yourself.

  2. ...

    Does the time period considered including Ahmadinejad's visit?

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    did you change this post from the one that was up 3 or so hours ago?

  4. and

    Barnard beats Brown again WABAM

  5. more like

    Barnard beats Brown again. WBAR!

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