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A Second Chance to See McCain — at Tom’s!

In the midst all this heart-breaking excitement about John McCain, we were reminded to check in (as we do from time to time) with his daughter Meghan, CC ’07. Today Meghan answered 11 questions for MSNBC, in which she revealed her love for HamDel and her father’s love for Tom’s. Tom’s.

“Q: Your dad is coming to Columbia this week to appear with Barack Obama for a Service Nation event. Since you went to Columbia, where are you looking forward to taking your dad around your old stomping ground?

A: The Hamilton Deli, it’s where I used to eat every meal. I also really love Tom’s. That was my dad’s favorite thing about Columbia — that it was by Tom’s Restaurant. He used to tell everyone, ‘Meghan and I ate at the Seinfeld restaurant!’ He could have taken me to Nobu, but we went to the Seinfeld restaurant (laughs).”

Oh and then she makes some joke about wanting to drink with Obama at the Heights, but Obama not wanting to. In conclusion, none of this will make you feel any better about being denied entrance to The Non-Partisan Service Spectacular of 2008.

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Well at least she’s embraced blatant nepotism publicly, instead of taking it where she can get it and feeling guilty about it.

  • If we're lucky says:

    @If we're lucky McCain will order something that will give him tapeworm.

    Which gets me thinking… what if he dies on the campaign trail? Does Palin automatically rise to the position of Presidential candidate?

    1. btw says:

      @btw That second part was a serious question, I actually don’t know the answer

      1. an answer says:

        @an answer if a presidential candidate dies before the election the party can designate a nominee

        classy tapeworm comment by the way

    2. You are says:

      @You are A typical Columbia student. Glad I graduated.

  • jadlksj says:

    @jadlksj I don’t know either, but it might go to the person who had the second-most delegates from the primaries.

    1. *shudder* says:

      @*shudder* you mean mike huckabee?

  • obama joke says:

    @obama joke Q: Since Barack Obama went to Columbia as well, can you see the two of you sharing some nachos at The Heights after the event?

    A: I don’t know if his campaign would want that, but I would love to if he wanted to!

  • can you tell says:

    @can you tell that she ate every meal at hamilton deli? lol. megan needs to go to dodge a lil more methinks

    1. how does it feel says:

      @how does it feel having women shutter at the very sight of your misshapen, repulsive body?

    2. really? says:

      @really? she doesn’t look very big to me…

    3. wow says:

      @wow you’re a jackass

  • shit says:

    @shit shudder, but the point still stands

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