There’s nothing Columbia students love more than an event they can’t get into.  This week’s Obama/McCain event, PrezBo’s  periodic fireside chats, and the Heights on just about any Thursday night all come to mind.  Fall Fashion Week is about as exclusive as it gets, and that the week’s runway shows and collections have largely gone under Columbia’s radar is more telling of our campus style than it is of the popularity of the event.  

This aside, some patterns have emerged:

Little Black Pointy Shoes  

Move over Tory Burch. Think of these saddle-shoe inspired booties as a replacement for your trusty flats. They go well paired with black stockings and a skirt for a fancier look or with just shorts or jeans for a more tousled appearance.

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Columbia students have embraced the nonfunctional vest.  From the vintage cowboy-inspired vests to the shrunken suit coat vest, most do little in the way of actually providing warmth.  But practicality be damned, vests are key ensemble pieces this fall.


















Plaid and Grandaddy Cardigans 

There’s no sassier way to rebuke the preppy back-to-school staples (shrunken blazers, popped oxford collar) than to wear a crumpled lumberjack print and your Gramps’ oversized Izod cardigan. Moth holes welcomed.













They’re finally in again, if they were ever out… This fall, students have been seen sporting beaten up Jansports, Eastpacks and the like. Top pick goes to the jumbo L.L. Bean monogrammed packs, circa 1993.