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New York Authentic Mexican Restaurant Week

As we all know Columbia loves controversy.  We also know that Columbia loves Mexican food.  Thankfully Morningside Heights entrepreneurs have recognized this and consequently the neighborhood offers plenty of Mexican eateries. 

So many in fact that the recent increase in Mexican restaurants has caused quite a controversial and competitive commotion.  Where can a student find the cheapest nachos? The most filling burrito? The freshest guacamole? The quickest quesadilla or closest taco? All these questions have roused heated debate.  But the most contentious question of all does not concern the price, proximity or preparation of the food, but its authenticity. 

Now the word “authenticity” is puzzle in its own right, one that everyone from the average eater at Empanada Joe’s to the Latin American Studies major to Professor Spivak herself wrestles with. When it comes to cuisine, authenticity becomes an even trickier, more subjective word than ever.  But the organizers behind New York Authentic Mexican Restaurant Week (9/8 -9/15) hope to guide the unworldly patrons of Blockheads, Chipotle, Empanada Joes away from the culinary comfort of their familiar haunts and test out the flavors, aromas and textures of city’s finest and most traditional Mexican restaurants. Participating restaurants are scattered throughout the city and offer three course, prix fix menus.

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  • How appropriate says:

    @How appropriate Just in time for Mexican Independence day!

  • prix says:

    @prix fixe

  • that seems says:

    @that seems ridiculously expensive for mexican food

  • ... says:

    @... because nothing screams authentic mexican like prix fixe!

  • How says:

    @How have you still not posted about Hillary’s upcoming visit to Barnard?

  • tacos says:

    @tacos the most authentic Mexican food comes from my mom’s kitchen!

  • Hmm, in Manhattan... says:

    @Hmm, in Manhattan... Try going over to my neighborhood in East Harlem — just a quick trip across town on the M116. Kaluhua’s is a pretty staple place here; it’s on 3rd Ave bet 115th and 116th. Try the beef tacos; it comes with fresh guacamole on top. Cheap, yummy, and festive. :)

    (I can guess that some anonymous knucklehead will say something horribly racist, classist, and/or stereotypical about the area. Whatever your assumptions are about the neighborhood, it’s where I grew up; it’s my community… and it home to some of the best Mexican food in the city. Hope you come by!)

  • If you're ever in SF says:

    @If you're ever in SF Stop by the Mission (24th st, not 16th — best to avoid the hipsters) for some great Mexican food.

    1. ... says:

      @... puhleaze. there’s a line of hipsters around the block at farolitos.

      that said, sf hipsters aren’t like ny hipsters. most of them have brains and jobs.

    2. sf, from the mission says:

      @sf, from the mission wait, hipsters at 16th and mission – what are you talkin about? 16th and mission’s cutty: the sorenos run that shit and they would definitely fuck up some hipsters. maybe you mean up by dolores or market or something. best mexican in sf: la corneta (23rd & mission) & la taq (25th & mission).

      8, where do you live in the city?

      1. ... says:

        @... la corneta is for gringos

  • Mexican says:

    @Mexican Try Los Paisas on 103 and Amsterdam. Only the brave should try the mole verde (green mole).

  • Lazy says:

    @Lazy could they have picked restaurants any further away from campus? I am going to Chipotle, forget it. Ferris Booth.

  • Ummm says:

    @Ummm Empanadas are not Mexican….

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Taqueria y Fonda on Amsterdam & 107th, and of course the Red Hook Ball Fields.

  • de la mission mang says:

    @de la mission mang la corneta is expensive, but definitely the best in SF. hands down the best meat. el farolito at 24th and mish is good and open till 3am.

    Don’t even talk about mexican food in NY. it makes me sad.

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