The denizens of Low Library have just released the calendar for Columbia’s 2008 edition of the World Leaders Forum, fresh with a snazzy new website chronicling the  Columbia tradition’s past, present and future.  Have a look at their new multimedia section, and you’ll see that this site is no laughing matter.

But the speakers this year?  Bwog is still scratching its head on that one.  While last year’s version sparked considerable hooplah with the invitation of a certain Iranian politician, it seems that this year’s lineup may lack a bit of the sparkle that a certain petty and cruel dictator’s speech last year may have offered. 

That is of course not the case, if you find a spiel by Olafur Ragnar Grimson, President of the world’s oldest democracy (Iceland) scintillating.  If the leader of a small, island nation speaking is not your cup of tea, perhaps you might be interested in a scheduled speech by Primer Minister Anders Fogh Rasumussen of Denmark or President Danilo Türk of Slovenia.  While this year’s World Leaders’ Forum may not dazzle as much as last year’s, there is always the Obamacain spectacle to look forward to this time around.