With a mere 63 days left until the Presidential election, the blogosphere has lit up with speculation about the personal life of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  While the daughter of Alaska’s favorite hockey mom may be five months pregnant and questions abound about her readiness to lead the nation should she find herself a 72-year old heartbeat away from the Presidency come November, rumors about Columbia’s favorite son have come up as of late courtesy of the New York Sun.  See what our downtown colleagues have to say about Obama’s days at old alma and perhaps why none of his personal information from his days here have been leaked.  While previous presidential candidates have unabashedly released personal records from their university days, Obama’s have been tightly sealed.  Does good old Bams have something to hide about his “monkish” days buckling down in Butler?

In other political news, IvyGate spoke today with Lauren Salz BC ’11 about life as Executive Director of the College Republicans.  While Salz may take issue with the current state of political life on campus, Bwog can just sense the ghost of Chris Kulawik bursting through the seams of this piece.