While the campus prepares for the visit of the two presidential candidates, students have already gotten started on the fall election. the College Democrats, MSA, and Free Culture are co-sponsoring a campus-wide voter registration initiative, modeled on the popular CUAssassins game that every year afflicts students with amusingly high levels of paranoia. Teams of students will compete to register as many students as possible, with the overall goal being “100% registration of the entire freshman class, and anyone else who isn’t registered.” The three teams with the most registrants receive “significant cash prizes.”

The clubs have partnered with well-known off-campus organizations such Rock the Vote, HeadCount, Mobilize.Org, and the League of Women Voters. Dems Lead Activist Jenna Hovel also told Bwog that members from many other campus political groups, including CQA, BSO, and the Asian-American Alliance, are involved, though the boards have not officially co-sponsored it (yet). Frankly, though, Bwog just wants to see the Assassins-esque “kill stories.” 

To register your team, e-mail ac.cudems@gmail.com.