Alma’s Arms Are Wide Indeed

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balloonsLow Plaza has played host to some divergent causes in the
past, but today might just take the cake: the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter
Day Saints is singing and handing out Books of Mormon in the shadow of Queer
Awareness Month’s helium-filled rainbow arch (with a small bake sale against
the bailout off to the side, as well as the odd voter registration booth). Both groups seem to be coexisting peacefully thus far. Of the LDSers, Elder Parkka, from Finland, and Elder Miller, from Utah—both 20—are more than
happy to tell you about how they found God. Should you be questioning, find more information here.

The QuAMmers, by contrast, are more than
happy to tell you about First Friday Homecoming(OUT) dance, which is tomorrow
in Lerner Party Space. There’s a whole slate of events lined up for this month,
including a Masquerade Ga(y)la, a Genderf*ck Party, as well a smattering of
study breaks and talks. The full schedule is expected to be uploaded here

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  1. lulz  

    this is a fucking lollercaust. oh man.

  2. Did the bake sale  

    Raise $700B?

  3. lol  

    I think Bwog needs to get used to the idea of Student Groups co-existing. Gone are the dark (yet entertaining) days of Kulawik; enter the days of peaceful cooperation.

    • well yeah

      but I have to say the Affirmative Action bake sale was pretty awesomely hilarious. I kinda wish Chris failed the last year so we could have had him around a bit longer...

  4. wait  

    Why are there Mormons in Finland? Did Jesus visit Finland too? He sounds quite well-travelled. Maybe he was a travel enthusiast. I bet he had a nice camera.

  5. hmm  

    actually, quam's official website is www.columbia.edu/cu/quam. just fyi.

  6. Alum

    The correct name is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". It's "and" instead of "of", "day" is not capitalized and "Latter-day" is hyphenated.


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