Columbia? Yale? Gossip Girl!

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Columbians, ready yourselves: only 7 short days until the very campus you call home is featured on the greatest television show in the history of the world. Next Monday’s episode promises to be full of grand, sweeping shots of Earl and what looks like the Math Lawn, the only catch being that Columbia isn’t Columbia at all in Gossip Girl world: it’s Yale! 

The kids head up to “New Haven” (hey, Cecily von Ziegesar, if that is your real name, what’s wrong with Morningside Heights?) for a college weekend that the seizure-inducing preview touts is “worth the price of admission.” This seems a fair approximation— there will be a Skull & Bones kidnapping of some sort, bitchy glares galore, girls throwing things at each other, and a make out scene! Bwog thanks the CW for providing all obligatory snark in this post by actually naming the episode “New Haven Can Wait.” Here’s to hoping we can too.  

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  1. I'm actually  

    okay with this. I don't want Columbia's name associated with this stupid show, but I love that we as University get money from the pockets of the Noobs who do watch. Columbia's status as a leading university has been on the up off-late, and Gossip Girl can only erode Yale's prestige.

  2. Silly Rabbit  

    "Gossip Girl can only erode Yale's prestige."

    That may be the stupidest statement on the entire internet, marginally edging out the pigs with lipstick fiasco of recent weeks.

    Any media coverage is good media coverage. Especially when young sexy people cooler than crack are portrayed as attending it. (I personally wouldn't mind some GG types around campus. We have pretty girls but also a whole lotta dogs....I'm just saying.)

    The spring after Rory Gilmore went to Yale enrollment increased by over 7% at Yale. Apparently the show was also referred on many, many application essays. I'm not staying its not dumb as hell....just saying it works.

  3. Nathali Zamora

    It's brooklyn college shots too...tehy shot at my school not too long ago

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