Butler Bingo!

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Midterms are here and procrastination season is in full swing, so Bwog wants to help you make the most (make the least?) of your wasted time.

We’ve created a bingo game for everyone studying in Butler to play. The game board is filled with 25 of Butler’s most common annoyances and quirks around exam season. Everyone is eligible—simply click the screenshot of the game (right) to open up the game board.

If you’re in Butler and you see something happen that’s on the board, reply to this post with a comment describing what you saw and where. Bwog staffers will then check off squares and update the ButlerBingo board as the comments roll in.

Can Columbia score a bingo? It’s up to you, loyal Bwog readers!

(Oh, and try to get some studying done, too.)

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  1. denizen  

    Ridiculous ringtone, actual studying (person across from me,) and loud cell phone whisper, 4th floor reading room

  2. butler  

    does someone jerking off in the stacks count?

  3. 4th again  

    Also check the high heels one

  4. Idea  

    You should have something that generates those 25 items in random order that people can print out and bring with them to Butler when studying with friends.

  5. you should  

    change the picture of Marx from seeing someone reading the communist manifesto, to seeing the Butler Marxist in the cafe...with double points if he's reading the manifesto!

    • y'know  

      he isn't really a Marxist, and I've never seen him reading the Manifesto. He's a big Max Weber fan, and I saw him reading a complete works of Pushkin the other week...but not a whole lot of Marx.

  6. Rex  

    This is ingenious, BWOG!!

  7. i see  

    more than 3 cans of redbull.

    oh wait those are mine.

  8. door  

    just closed on someone!

  9. yes  

    please make randomized copies of the bingo card. my friends and i want to play!

  10. i hear  

    both audible snoring AND a loud coughing fit in milstein.

  11. BINGO  

    im writing this from a public computer in butler, that's B-I-N-G-O straight down for the second column from the left

  12. Leo Strauss  

    he's a radical historicist either way.

  13. bbq  

    someone brought some food in from the bbq. can smell the mustard from here

  14. kris  

    just saw someone browsing facebook photo albums!

  15. spotted  

    a study spot turned into a home
    blue java cafe "please step down"

  16. JYH  

    Thanks, board updated!

    Half of the board is now filled in.

  17. spotted  

    green yale hoodie !

  18. Michelle

    I am from Canada and stumbled upon this from blog. Can I just say how that bingo board is eerily similar to my university.

    Someone is usually doing one of the above, or all... especially the using the print only terminal to use Facebook *grumble*.

  19. room 209  

    I hear someone singing!!! and it needs to stop!!!

  20. does  

    two red bulls and a coffee count?

  21. 209  

    being cleaned as I type

  22. 209 being cleaned  

    BUT not being cleared ... because i def just fell asleep in here and no one kicked me out :)

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