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According to CCSC: 20% of Columbia student council members favor swipe access reform — 84% of Barnard students find the current swipe policy inconvenient.

According to Bollinger: Few students understand financial crisis; students are generally happy.

According to Career Center rep: Career fair attendance went up 84% this year.

According to the Spectator Editorial Board: 3-1-1 needs to actually work in order to…work.

According to me: Last summer, my dad spoke to our dog more than he spoke to me.

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  1. i love you bwog,  

    but it's student "council" not student "counsel. "

  2. ugh  

    The personal essay about the dad--oh please. Daddy doesn't love me, whine whine whine, even though he clearly cares enough to pay my tuition and make sure I'm not out on the street. Oh wait, he wrote me a cheesy letter! He loves me after all! The world won't end, even though I don't care that other people actually experience real abandonment!

  3. okay  

    barnard should not get access to columbia dorms.

    • okay why not?  

      I hate people like you who just say that with no reason other than your own petty ego.

      Under the current system, people in Barnard who have friends living in Columbia Housing still have access to CU Housing. The only problem is that to get in, they need the CC/SEAS friend to leave his/her room and travel down to the first floor to sign her in. So the person actually inconvenienced in this scenario is the Columbia student, not really the Barnard student.

      Also, since most people realize Barnard students are harmless, random people walking by the desk are often okay signing the Barnard student in.
      So really, there is no practical reason to deny Barnard students swipe access. It benefits Columbia as much as it does Barnard.

      Also, when student groups hold events, it hurts the student group to have to make an extra effort to allow each Barnard student into their event when they are in fact legitimate group members.

      The only reasons people are opposed to this is:
      a) Petty egos and a feeling of superiority over Barnard
      b) An ideological belief that any swipe access should be reciprocal.

      For 'a', get over yourself. Don't let pride get in the way of practicality.
      For 'b', look, Barnard's security concerns are legitimate (see: Jeffrey Hunter Northrop); we do not have those security concerns. As I said, this will be a convenience to CU students as much as it will to Barnard students, it will make student group programming easier, and it will create a sense of unity. So let's be grown-up about it.

      • oh and  

        btw, check out your other sister schools. A Wellesly girl stabbed her boyfriend at MIT a few years ago. Just because you avoid psychos from the outside doesn't mean you're safe from those within.

      • In The Know

        For everyone out there. The only reason Barnard doesn't have swipe access to Columbia and I really am serious, this is the only reason, is because of GS.
        Columbia Admins do not want GS having swipe access into the dorms because of the age difference. They are afraid of the potentially dangerous dynamics of mixing CC/SEAS 18-22 yrs olds with GS' typically much older and more mature students. By denying Barnard, Columbia can hide behind the "well you're not in CC/SEAS who the dorms are provided for sooo..." To make their argument legit they have to include Barnard. Once Barnard, who is a entirely separate school, has access GS, a part of Columbia, will be the only one without access. Thus the admin's argument fails and GS gets access and all hell breaks lose in admins' eyes. So while everyone can argue about barnard and cc/seas feuds, the real reason swipe access isn't granted is because no matter what student council, the senate or any other student organization says, the Administration simply blocks it. End of conversation.

  4. RBR  

    The only issue people have is that Barnard's Student Government Association and Barnard Housing administrators -


    In your A) you complain that there is a feeling of superiority and (implicitly) you'd prefer to feel like equals. If you want that then act like equals. All residence halls for all students or no deal.

    With regards to your B) what gives a Barnard student more rights than a CC/SEAS girl to avoid sketchy guys in their building?

    The vast majority of people want swipe access. So let's do it but in turn let's be equals about it.

  5. alum

    How come you didn't QuickSpec the opinion piece by the Republican girl who didn't read a newspaper until she was 12? That's pretty sad.

  6. Apparently  

    You're not in the know...

    GS doesn't sign housing contracts. Only people who live in dorms provided by columbia would be allowed to swipe into all dorms. This does not include GS.

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