Cofer Black, Vice-Chair of Blackwater USA, to Speak at Columbia

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Want to relive some Bush administration history the day after Election Day? On November 5th at 8 p.m., former CIA counterterrorism leader and current vice-chair of Blackwater USA Cofer Black will be speaking at an event organized by the Columbia University International Relations Forum.

Black became head of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center in 1999, and remained there over the next three years. He is particularly well-known/controversial for his advocacy, both before and after the September 11th attacks, of tough treatment of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. He has often been accused of being one of the main supporters of the more controversial “War on Terror” initiatives, includng the secret rendition and waterboarding programs. 

Since leaving the government in 2004, Black has been the vice-chairman of Blackwater USA. He also was Mitt Romney’s counter-terrorism advisor during the former governor’s presidential campaign.

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  1. So...

    CPS is gonna be replaced by Blackwater mercenaries?

  2. Anonymous

    This guy is a true torturer. I have to salute him for being honest about it.

    I have to be angry at us for letting him get away with it.

  3. Blackwater?!

    Can undergrads attend this event? It's a rare opportunity to see a man of his...accomplishments speak.

  4. That man...

    ...is a true shithead.

  5. why do so many  

    bomb-throwing insurgents have casts aroung their forearms?

    they tear-a-wrists!

  6. shallow but...  

    he looks so jowl-y...never a good sign, my friends

  7. The event  

    is hosted by undergrad groups, so ostensibly the main target audience is undergrads

  8. Yes  

    CUIRF is a politically-neutral SGB group, so this is an undergrad event. In fact, I hope they give first preference to undergrads.

  9. So...  

    How do we register Bwog?

  10. ummm  

    main target audience is definitely undergrads. its hosted by the columbia university international affairs forum- the guys who did the pakistani and iraqi ambassadors. i hope my man snyder, whos supposed to be the moderator gets this guy good

  11. hahaha  

    whats the exact subject of his talk?

  12. COFER F'IN BLACK?!!  

    there is no rsvp for this thing....u just go to it.....thats how the pakistani ambassador event happened. its the reception thats usually rsvp. which is pretty smart cause otherwise i'd kick this guy's ass

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