“OMFG It’s Hamilton!”

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Bwog has pretty much used up our Gossip Girl references and cliches at this point, but we were nowhere near GG-ed out enough to miss tonight’s Big Episode: “The One in Which Those Kids Pretend Columbia is Yale” aka “New Haven Can Wait.”

We spent an enjoyable hour squealing with our friends every time we saw a glimpse of a Columbia landmark. The camera angles were tight, to be sure, but the GG crew covered much of our beloved campus: they fought, lied, hooked up and backstabbed from International Affairs to Furnald.

The CW seems to have also hired somewhere in the realm of 10,000 extras all clad in plaid sweaters and horn-rimmed glasses, which we would never find in Morningside Heights, obvi, to stroll around campus. Some favorite moments from the episode after the jump.

Columbia building “sightings” (GG-speak):

Hamilton (by day and night!), Philosophy, Uris, Mathematics, Havemeyer, International Affairs, Kent, College Walk, Lerner, John Jay, Furnald, Van Am Quad and Gazebo (with half-naked Dan)

Most memorable quotes: 

Blair hates on Brown:

“Your deductive reasoning skills are perfect for a place like Brown”

“A place like Brown?”

“An enclave of trustafarians and children of celebrities who major in drum circles…”

And then provides us with this little gem:

“Everyone knows that the only real Ivies are the holy trinity: Harvard, Yale and Princeton.”

Blair, in an attempt to impress Yale’s “dean”: “I love Henry VIII, but I prefer Sir Thomas More.”

 And the ultimate Serena-stab: “You know on paper you’re not Yale material”

Serena retaliates: “We were probably just going to grow apart in college, so why not just start now?”

Finally, Bwog recommends using this line if you, like all three of the major male characters on the show, ever find yourself in trouble with Skull & Bones: “I’m Nate Archibald, and I look forward to coming here next year and kicking your ass.”

Watch the full episode here.

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  1. but the best part  

    "why wait?"

  2. not an english major

    why is there no mention of the quote with the random hipster telling Nate she wouldn't fuck him unless he told her how he felt about Marquez

  3. naw  

    Are screenshots available? I'm not watching this garbage but I'm mildly curious to see Columbia on film.

    • gosh  

      just watch it on mute. good looking people doing interesting things cant be THAT painful. the scene on college walk at the end is priceless. they totally pretend broadway does not exist. AND YES I WATCH GOSSIP GIRL I LOVE IT. SUCK IT HIPSTERS.

  4. you forgot  

    dodge and lewisohn.

    when did they show philosophy? and uris? and lerner??

  5. what?

    no shots of engineering terrace and mudd? speechless.

  6. CU/GG enthusiast  

    Chuck Bass:

    I'm Chuck Bass, and I own you.

  7. And let's not forget  


  8. Leaving out Barnard?

    Mac and Milbank featured prominently....or at least that building behind Nate, Dan and cute literature TA at the end sure looked like Mac, before the whole in the ground. (Milbank was the building they used for Ivy covered courtyard scenes...in which they carefully shot around the walkway to Atschul)

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