Third-Party Candidates to Debate At Columbia This Sunday

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After the extravaganza that was the Obamacain ServiceNation Forum, other presidential candidates apparently could not help but get in on the action. According to McClatchy, three third-party candidates will be debating at Columbia this Sunday. Ralph Nader (independent), Cynthia McKinney (Green), and Chuck Baldwin (Constitution) will all participate in a debate moderated by Amy Goodman of Pacifica Radio.

Libertarians will be disappointed to learn that nominee Bob Barr will not be participating. According to McClatchy, “Barr said he has a scheduling conflict, but debate organizers say he wanted to appear only with Nader.”

The debate will be carried on C-SPAN and www.thirdpartyticket.org.

UPDATE (7:55 PM): The debate is being sponsored by CPU, and will take place in 417IAB at 8 p.m. As for tickets, CPU Communications Director Lauren Salz tells Bwog that CPU is “making every effort to reserve as many seats as possible for CUID holders. Registration details will be announced as soon as possible, probably sometime tomorrow.”

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  1. pacifica radio

    is that like radio perfecto?

  2. the fuck?  

    IAB 417? Why not have this in Miller or Lerner?

  3. ...

    417 isn't too shabby... 300 capacity i think

  4. really cool

    this is actually a seriously awesome event--props to the groups that put it together

    I'm a little surprised it isn't being held in Lerner.

  5. omg omg  

    cynthia mckinney is BATSHIT CRAZY!! this should be fun.

  6. remember  

    bollinger's a registered democrat. lerner would give the 3rd parties too much attention! :-D

  7. google, my friend

    The Columbia Political Union, organized for and by the students and faculty of Columbia University, seeks to enhance involvement in the political process, domestic and international, and draw every member of the campus community into an ongoing discussion of political ideas. As a nonpartisan group, we collaborate with other groups on campus, working to incorporate all points of view and voices from a variety of political backgrounds.

  8. CPU  

    CPU = central processing unit

  9. Sajaa Ahmed  

    The reasoning for the use of 417 IAB is that it was the only space available during that time.

    -Sajaa Ahmed
    Publisher, Columbia Political Union

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