Business School Bails Out Vending Machines

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We’ve been hearing a lot about Business School professors opposing the government bailing out Wall Street investment banks, but according to IvyGater Robyn Schneider, they have no problem bailing out their vending machines

They have lowered the prices of Luna Bars and Vitamin Waters so that even the poorest MBA student can afford them.  The move has put Uris Hall into the upper echelons of campus automatic refreshment dispensers along with Mathematics and Schermerhorn, which feature the $1.50 Nantucket Nectar (the best price in Morningside until the Business School came along) and the cafe between Journalism and Furnald that sells $1 Wolfgang Puck hot chocolate. Bwog, however, will always have a soft spot for this little guy.

Photo by Robyn Schneider via After the Gates

UPDATE, 10/16, 11AM: The vending machines on the first floor of Mudd (the real first floor, not campus level) have joined the Defend Your Dollar program, too.  This one might actually help people, as most Mudd-dwellers live off vending machine food and the occasional mac and cheese from Carleton Lounge.

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  1. also  

    these discounts are in Mudd, too!

  2. yes  

    shoutout for the huge $1 cups of hot chocolate from journalism-furnald cafe!

  3. also  

    interestingly if you get sodas from the vending machines in sipa closest to amsterdam you pay $1.45 for a 20 oz, but if you get them from the vending machines near wien you pay $1.50. This is true for pepsi and coke. It is crazy! It is like they are undercutting themselves.

  4. umm  

    so at barnard, nantucket nectars are also just 1.50

  5. Mudd

    has always had good vending machine deals. figures no one would pay attention until everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.

  6. BWOG, This is Sad

    Mudd has always had vending machine discounts around midterms and finals.

    Does BWOG even have an engineer on staff?

  7. yes  

    further, i propose that we begin calling it the Furnalism Cafe for lack of a better name

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