Columbia’s Publication Scene is Now Complete

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c-spotA big Bwog welcome to C-Spot, “a new erotic review produced by Columbia students,” which we delightedly noticed on stands yesterday.

This campus has been bereft of an honest-to-god sex magazine since the short life of Outlet–which never even ended up in print, and is sadly no longer available online–as has Harvard, whose flash-in-the-pan H-Bomb also ceased publication last year.

This professionally (and tastefully!) photographed enterprise features mostly African-American models (including Onyx demigod and campus character Ehizoje Azeke), as well as a personal essay on Craigslist modeling gigs, a review of strip clubs, and the truth about vibrators. C-Spot’s mysterious appearance follows news that the BDSM club Convirsio Virium is launching its own “academic journal”–all Bwog wants to know is, will this sudden infusion of literotica stimulate our sex-poor existences, or just compensate for them?

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  1. haha  

    You should see what the people in Conversio Virium look like. I was pranked into going to their meeting once ("Free Food in Hamilton xx").

  2. ZOJE  

    is a demigod. Zoje, call me i'm still interested...

  3. truth  

    Zoje is an ugly douche who looks like a starving version of Jamaal Crawford. Just because you have anorexia and don't eat and therefore have your bones sticking out your face doesn't make you a part-time model "Zoje."

    • truth  

      no, Zoje is actually beautiful, he's gorgeous to look at. i have no idea what his eating habits are, all i know is that if aliens visited earth and wanted a perfect specimen of our kind, we would send him.

  4. ugh  

    most of these models are too skinny. why is columbia so anorexic?

  5. umm

    they're not anorexic. they're dancers, and they're very beautiful.

  6. hmmm  

    although a little rough around the edges and a bit short, the articles have potential. why cant the spec have sex columnists that are even 1/2 the quality of these writers?

  7. NO!  

    Are you kidding me?!? He's beautiful? If anyone is really skinny and sucks their cheeks in, they can "look" like a "model" too. Give me a break. He's actually really unattractive, and how serious he takes himself makes him even more unattractive. He has zero change of making it big in the modeling world. Also, if aliens wanted a specimen of our kind, they would definitely opt for 2 billion other people over this idiot.

  8. from an outsider  

    i just saw c-spot and don't know zoje. but that is one fine specimen of man.

    you can hit my c-spot, zoje!

  9. if i

    wanted black and white porn, i'd rent Charlie Chaplin Chokes his Chihuahua. C'mon C-spot, gimme something I can REALLY appreciate.

  10. haters...

    anorexic? did u see that chest? i know a few football players that should be jealous

  11. Funder  

    What I want to know is, how the hell did they pay for that? It's not sponsored by the university, but it's glossy and not cheap to print. Who would pay for a student erotica magazine without any ads? What's the point?

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