c-spotA big Bwog welcome to C-Spot, “a new erotic review produced by Columbia students,” which we delightedly noticed on stands yesterday.

This campus has been bereft of an honest-to-god sex magazine since the short life of Outlet–which never even ended up in print, and is sadly no longer available online–as has Harvard, whose flash-in-the-pan H-Bomb also ceased publication last year.

This professionally (and tastefully!) photographed enterprise features mostly African-American models (including Onyx demigod and campus character Ehizoje Azeke), as well as a personal essay on Craigslist modeling gigs, a review of strip clubs, and the truth about vibrators. C-Spot’s mysterious appearance follows news that the BDSM club Convirsio Virium is launching its own “academic journal”–all Bwog wants to know is, will this sudden infusion of literotica stimulate our sex-poor existences, or just compensate for them?