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Columbia’s Publication Scene is Now Complete

c-spotA big Bwog welcome to C-Spot, “a new erotic review produced by Columbia students,” which we delightedly noticed on stands yesterday.

This campus has been bereft of an honest-to-god sex magazine since the short life of Outlet–which never even ended up in print, and is sadly no longer available online–as has Harvard, whose flash-in-the-pan H-Bomb also ceased publication last year.

This professionally (and tastefully!) photographed enterprise features mostly African-American models (including Onyx demigod and campus character Ehizoje Azeke), as well as a personal essay on Craigslist modeling gigs, a review of strip clubs, and the truth about vibrators. C-Spot’s mysterious appearance follows news that the BDSM club Convirsio Virium is launching its own “academic journal”–all Bwog wants to know is, will this sudden infusion of literotica stimulate our sex-poor existences, or just compensate for them?

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  • haha says:

    @haha You should see what the people in Conversio Virium look like. I was pranked into going to their meeting once (“Free Food in Hamilton xx”).

    1. if anything says:

      @if anything it makes me more willing to hit them during sex

  • ZOJE says:

    @ZOJE is a demigod. Zoje, call me i’m still interested…

    1. i agree says:

      @i agree Zoje is one fine man. I’m an Onyx groupie solely because of him.

  • truth says:

    @truth Zoje is an ugly douche who looks like a starving version of Jamaal Crawford. Just because you have anorexia and don’t eat and therefore have your bones sticking out your face doesn’t make you a part-time model “Zoje.”

    1. truth says:

      @truth no, Zoje is actually beautiful, he’s gorgeous to look at. i have no idea what his eating habits are, all i know is that if aliens visited earth and wanted a perfect specimen of our kind, we would send him.

  • ugh says:

    @ugh most of these models are too skinny. why is columbia so anorexic?

  • umm says:

    @umm they’re not anorexic. they’re dancers, and they’re very beautiful.

  • hmmm says:

    @hmmm although a little rough around the edges and a bit short, the articles have potential. why cant the spec have sex columnists that are even 1/2 the quality of these writers?

    1. hmmmm says:

      @hmmmm C-Spot’s articles are pretty crappy, and Spec hasn’t had a sex columnist in a while.

  • NO! says:

    @NO! Are you kidding me?!? He’s beautiful? If anyone is really skinny and sucks their cheeks in, they can “look” like a “model” too. Give me a break. He’s actually really unattractive, and how serious he takes himself makes him even more unattractive. He has zero change of making it big in the modeling world. Also, if aliens wanted a specimen of our kind, they would definitely opt for 2 billion other people over this idiot.

  • from an outsider says:

    @from an outsider i just saw c-spot and don’t know zoje. but that is one fine specimen of man.

    you can hit my c-spot, zoje!

  • if i says:

    @if i wanted black and white porn, i’d rent Charlie Chaplin Chokes his Chihuahua. C’mon C-spot, gimme something I can REALLY appreciate.

  • haters... says:

    @haters... anorexic? did u see that chest? i know a few football players that should be jealous

  • Funder says:

    @Funder What I want to know is, how the hell did they pay for that? It’s not sponsored by the university, but it’s glossy and not cheap to print. Who would pay for a student erotica magazine without any ads? What’s the point?

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