Five Collared for Recent Assaults

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Early this morning, local media reported that five youths were arrested for the seven assaults last Sunday. From the Daily News:

nypdInvestigators captured four of the suspects Wednesday after a 17-year-old picked up on Tuesday ratted out his pals, sources said.

The public also helped out by phoning in tips after police released video of the hoods walking around the Ivy League school’s campus in Morningside Heights.

Columbia University surveillance cameras recorded a giggling group of seven youths punching and shoving seven adults during a 20-minute spree early Sunday. Two victims needed stitches.

Plus, WNBC names names.

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  1. Bah

    At least one of them will be charged as an adult...hope they throw the book at him..maybe a chair too, or a brick.

  2. Bwog

    might want to find a way to delete commenters' "names" too.

    Oh well, here comes the shitstorm...

  3. bunch  

    bunch of simian thugs... i hope to god all of them are tried as adults

  4. RZO  

    Why do these people continue to hate us? We employ them (ie. JJ's, the dining hall, Lerner mail center, etc.), we educate them (ie. affirmative action), we make their streets safer (ie. gentrification). And they pay us back by robbing and assaulting us?

    • Mr. Helpmann

      Bad sportsmanship. A ruthless minority of people seems to have forgotten certain good old-fashioned virtues. They just can't stand seeing the other fellow win. If these people would just play the game, they'd get a lot more out of life.

    • hmmm  

      Elaborate on who "these people" are...

    • ummmm

      I didn't realize how racist people at Columbia (or the US in general) are. I think any anthro professor would eviscerate you for saying "these people", but that's besides the point. In all likelihood, "these people" are probably not the ones working in jjs and taking advantage of affirmative action. In terms of gentrification as it applies to "them" probably means kicking them out of their apartments, so i doubt they're grateful for that. Finally, just because Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma City government building does not mean that all white people have that in them, and by the same token I think it's extremely disrespectful to generalize all 12% (~36 million ppl) in the U.S. are "hoods."

      • don't be silly  

        think you're overreacting a little bit? #4 is an idiot who's bored and posting anonymously to voice his racist thoughts and get some people worked up in the process. best thing you can do is ignore him and save your pointers about racism for a coversation with middle schoolers.

    • Well  

      one of "those" people will be the next president. RZO maybe you should start buying your tickets to Anctartica now!

      and while you're there, please stop with substance-less generalizations.

  5. question  

    "The public also helped out by phoning in tips after police released video of the hoods walking around the Ivy League school's campus in Morningside Heights. "

    "The Hoods"?? like hoodlums?

  6. ummm

    **12% of African Americans**

  7. wtf  

    type of commment was that??? We employ them, educated them, make their streets safer... who's we and define employ, educate and make streets safer? as far as I can see, the "We" needs compensation for providing services that shouldn't have to be special. In addition, how the hell are a group of teenagers supposed to stand for a whole? Good job "We". absolutely brilliant...

  8. iwonder

    How some people even get into this school

  9. iwonder

    I really wish I knew who commenter #4 is. I'd like to douse his/her head in cold water.

  10. ridiculous

    you guys are all ridiculous. People like poster #4 say stupid things like s/he did just to see people like you take them seriously and flip out all over the comment section. Its actually kind of amusing. If you want to see comments like that stop, simply dont react to them and people will stop posting them.

  11. Whew man  

    It rewarmed my heart a little to see #4 and 5 get shut down. I was really nervous until I scrolled down, but Columbia, you aren't all bad.

  12. i think  

    the op wasnt referring to all black people as "those people", but the segment of that group that fits the antisocial/obese/violent/uneducated stereotype

  13. wzsup  

    most people at columbia did not go to prep schools. if they did, we wouldn't have to deal with such racist weirdos. i wish chuck bass went to columbia.

  14. someone

    "who did it?"

    "That One!"


  15. hell yea  

    i love these guys. way to shove it in the face of some prissy, tight jeans wearing, black rim glassed, "tolerant" white kid from Jersey who thinks he's livin' the "urban" life. more of these kinds of crimes should happen to keep these effete little twats looking over their shoulder and stopping dressing like 14 year old girls. men should be men. maybe you wouldnt get socked in the face if you acted like a male once in a while instead of a preening little intellectual. free these guys.


    Seriously, next time a racist incident happens. I'm going to post an entire dialogue WITH MYSELF.

    Racist Me: Black people need to get their act together
    Anti-Racist Me: I can't believe there are so many racists on this campus.

    This stupid dialogue happens over and over again under the aliases of "wtf" or "haha." And I am SICK AND TIRED of it.

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