QuickSpec: The Mantle of Change Edition

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Obamacain economic advisers hold debate in a Columbia economic forum.  This part is brought to you by Aleve.

Obamacain healthcare advisers hold debate in a Columbia healthcare forum.  This part is brought to you by Mylanta.

Housing says bid farewell to your VingCard and its cutout Starbucks doppelganger.

Change at African Institute brings instant success.

Change in gifted students programs reshuffles NYC public schools.

Oh yeah, CCSC finally gets one right.

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  1. CCSC Proposal  

    1) CCSC is not behind this; the sophomore class council is.

    2) This is a good idea, but there are a few problems. As you point out, the cost of this will be likely prohibitive. This will further exacerbate inequalities in funding between groups. Groups will no longer have equal access to space.

    3) The Facilities & Securities fund currently covers a lot of costs students have with booking space on campus. This will not apply to these spaces, and may undermine those funds. (It could go either way though because currently Unions are raising the costs of those funds).

    4) It will be difficult to regulate who attends/doesn't attend events in these spaces.

    In any case, if you can address these issues and put together a working proposal, kudos to you, but just be aware that the issue isn't as simple as you think. You should consult ABC and SGB for input.

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