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the eyeGimme a B! Gimme an I! Gimme a CYCLE!

Blazer, jacket, messenger bag, collared shirt, sweater vest: the Eye’s guide to sartorial humanity

(Wait, what just happened here)

Do you know what a cooked chicken breast sounds like?

South Africa has redeeming values despite its lack of a Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Kate Moss gets a “hearty” congratulations for getting clean

Republicans… they’re just like us!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Man, not to be, like, a huge dick, but was that Eye article on sitcoms even fact-checked? Arrested Development didn't pioneer modern single-camera, The Larry Sanders Show did. And a good amount of other shows (The UK Office, Scrubs, Malcolm in the Middle, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex and the City) did it before Arrested. And multi-camera isn't close to dead; the highest rated comedy on TV is one (Two and a Half Men) as well as one of the best (How I Met Your Mother).

  2. ugh

    Ory Rinat is not just like other Columbia students and definitely not like other Columbia Republicans.

  3. Irritated Springbok  

    Has a pretty awesome nightlife. Maybe Ariel needs to get a car and check out Haut Bay, or the wine lands, or all the amazing things that make Cape Town one of the cultural capitals of the continent. To say it lacks things like the MET and MOMA is a shallow western observation. There are plenty of museums in South Africa, go to Jo'burg and see the Apartheid museum, or go to Roben Island...Just don't make yourself look ignorant.

  4. eww  

    the cover picture is really unflattering.

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