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The Columbia Political Union
has a spiffy new blog up which introduces itself as a “one stop shop for politics and political events at Columbia.” Hooray, consolidation! The site has an events calendar with all sorts of fun on-and-off campus (sometimes very vaguely) political events, and is conveniently divided into categories of news, humor, campus, students, opinions, and ‘dewonking.’ There’s also a list of links to relevant sites, also subdivided into lol-worthy sections, our favorites being ‘Party Hard’ (CU political groups) and ‘The Munchies.’ (“real-world” political blogs)

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  1. damn  

    that's a pretty solid blog

  2. yeah  

    a bunch of funny stuff in that humor section.

  3. i like  

    the "ivy league elite" piece.
    let's get a response from lauren salz?

  4. abgg  

    CPU is really on a roll this year, huh? And definitely glad to finally have another campus blog to read other than bwog.

  5. also glad  

    it looks cool. the new political bwog? except prettier. sorry bwog.

  6. what ever  

    happened to the columns?

  7. this won't  

    help my procrastinating habits

  8. big fan  

    That IS one spiffy blog!

  9. cpulover  

    the blog is hot, just like cpu members

  10. wow  

    this came out of no where. it's pretty awesome, good job cpu!

  11. obviously  

    it looks quite spiffy.

    but has anyone figured out what dewonking is?

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