1. Bye Bye Birdie, Inc?

    thats hilarious!

  2. Big deal.

    H-daddy can swoop down and eat that fucking van.

  3. frustrated.  

    dear bwog,
    how about you do some fucking reporting and figure out what those people are actually doing. you could even deploy (ironically, of course) techniques often used by what used to be called journalists. these include: "asking questions," "scheduling interviews," and "making phone calls." You may have to take notes and think critically during this exercise rather than mindlessly recording what you so, so it may be tough, but it would be nice for you to supplement your snark with actual content.

  4. still frustrated  

    *by "so" i meant "see"

  5. uhoh

    bwog - google news "khalidi"...mccain has unleashed his final, desperate attack

  6. DHI  

    That's it we gotta do something to Columbia.

    Todd Gitlin's body lies a-mulderin' in the grave but his soul goes marching on.

    Why would they do this? For real, this is just one of those things that convinces me of the evils of bureaucracy. Somebody with some kind of authority thinks they can't have a hawk flying around even though everybody loves it.

  7. DHI  

    It could easily just be the pigeons inside buildings, though.

  8. long live H-dad  

    If there was ever any reason to have a hunger strike, this is it.

  9. Not

    Everyone loves the hawk. He eats squirrels and I will always love the friendly squirrels on campus more than the bird.

  10. Nooooooo  


    If they do this, I am not donating to the school. They should relocate all the fucking pigeons/asian people who feed the fucking pigeons.

  11. Kim MacAfee  

    Bye, bye, birdie
    I'm gonna miss you so
    Bye, bye, birdie
    Why do you have to go?

    I'll miss the way you ate pigeons
    As though it's just for me
    And each and every night
    I'll check bwog for news of you faithfully

    Bye, bye, birdie
    It's awful hard to bear
    Bye, bye, birdie
    Guess I'll always care

    • Kim again

      How lovely to be a hawk,
      The wait was well worth while;
      How lovely to scavenge for pidgeons
      And smile a hawk's smile.
      How lovely to have a figure,
      That's bird-like instead of flat;
      Whenever you hear Bwog whistle,
      You're what they're whistling at.
      It's wonderful to feel
      The way a hawk feels;
      It gives you such a glow just to know
      You're wearing lipstick and heels!

  12. hmm  

    maybe columbia is trying to get rid of more pigeons so they're bringing in an extra hawk!

  13. Witnesses?  

    did anyone see a bird hunter person?

    our hero is in danger!!! where's the hero to save our hero?????

  14. No joke.  

    if they get rid of hawkmadinejad, i'm transferring.

  15. mee

    This comment has been deleted.

  16. Alum

    It's not plausible that they are trying to remove the hawk. For one thing, he doesn't live on campus. He lives at St. John the Divine. Hawks have a considerable range, but only the owner of property with an actual nest would have any need for a service like this.

    Also, it is illegal to capture a hawk without government permission. Getting such permission requires a showing of bona fide need to do so. There is no reason C.U. would want to remove him. He isn't damaging any university property or interfering in any meaningful way with anyone. At worst he causes minor disruptions when he kills something on campus. That's not a sufficient basis to get the required approval to remove him. (If it was, every hawk in a populated area would be subject to removal.)

    They're probably just moving some pigeons, sparrows, etc. that have nested in an attic or something.

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