SlowCPR: Antagonistic Dualities Edition

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Columbia’s favorite non-partisan political periodical is on news stands but not online, so we’re giving you the low down on this month’s issue by the page.

duelRwanda’s President:  Westernizer or War Criminal? (Page 4)

Wall Street and Main Street: Vast oversimplifications of the credit crunch or is it just homeowners’ faults? (Page 6)

LitHum, CC and Major Cultures: The West and The Rest.  CESR’s “Common Core”: Colonization/Decolonization. (Page 13)

Obama vs. McCain: They have different policies on health care, outsourcing, net neutrality and abortion!   (Page 15)


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  1. Aghast  

    How could you fail to mention Billy's brilliant review of "The Watchmen"? Easily the best article in this issue, imho.

  2. sev  

    This year, we're "multi-partisan!"

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