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People are poor, nonprofits are in crisis. Project(RED) is paternalistic; Bono maintains that “Africa is sexy.” Global warming is a real problem. Cuba’s Castros are no match for teh Internets! But nostalgia utopian ex-commune Vermont farms are still nice.

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Columbia’s favorite non-partisan political periodical is on news stands but not online, so we’re giving you the low down on this month’s issue by the page. Rwanda’s President:  Westernizer or War Criminal? (Page 4) Wall Street and Main Street: Vast oversimplifications of the credit crunch or is it just homeowners’ faults? (Page 6) LitHum, CC […]

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Teachers College to save the Dominican Republic. It’s an art house with an uncertain future. Do you remember CPR from your sixth-grade babysitting course? Turn off your TV for two minutes today — thankfully Gossip Girl airs Mondays. Spec’s rainy day political laundry list.

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It’s not as if this joke hasn’t been made before, but Bwog thinks that CPR has pulled it off pretty well in its new T-shirt design. Although, admittedly, the bar has been set pretty low. Available here!  

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Because porn and politics go together so well, we decided to combine the two.  Outlet (which doesn’t exist in hard copy because funding didn’t happen) Sex sells, but weird sex sells better! Disturbing non-sequitur  How they did it in the Auld Country Last minute Christmas gifts for….not your mother Would that we could all be […]

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