Announcing the Halloween Costume Contest

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Tonight, many of you will be affixing costumes or cardboard or facepaint to yourselves, sacrificing sartorial control to the great Gods of Halloween.

So, Bwog’s announcing our annual Halloween Costume Contest, in which you are invited to send us photographs of your chilling and charming outfit this evening. For historical background, note that last year’s winner was an airplane (see right).

Photographs will be posted, a winner will be selected, and a free king-sized candy bar of the winner’s choice will given to this person by Bwog.

Send entries to [email protected] by midnight tonight.

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  1. mCe  

    who is that sexy guy in the airplane costume? is he single?

    and optimize your shit for firefox, bwog

  2. omg  

    airplane boy is so cute

  3. i want candyyy

    for this pagan fest, i want to be a reproductive organ of a cyborg rose plant - a blue rose. w/ blue petals attached to my soft blue face, green plastic leaves with netted veins and dew drops fastened to my dark green tights, brown shoesies (i mean herbaceous dicot roots...ppl will have to use their imagination) and the best part - SHARP thorns. pic below. ain't my cyborg rose costume astonishingly beautiful?


    just kidding, bwog...i can't take time out of my busy, stare-out-of-the-window, schedule to make this happen, so no candy for me, i suppose. this is almost as sad as those beautiful frozen roses.

  4. or...  

    to prove to each other how slutty you are despite all that celllulite on your asses

  5. joy

    i'm brown & proud. & kinda prudish but not proud @ it. i don't know what cellulite looks like but apparently i have a fine arse, though i'd rather not have an arse at all. i mean, what kinda cyborg rose plant has an arse?...ok, i'll concede to the stupid part but only on occasion. & while i won't spend time making a costume - when there is so much chaos in the heart of africa as well as my immediate surroundings, and i'm already stretched to the max - i don't see why you feel compelled to rain on the halloween parade, dear holier than thou non-white person

  6. ...  

    my costume will be "somebody who actually gets shit done." to give the costume reinforcing context, i'll be in the library.

    of course i'll be procrastinating, giving teeth to the term costume, in a truly metaironic sense..

    quick! somebody give me a humanities degree!

  7. airplane boy  

    is a douche.

  8. yo bwog  

    Extend the deadline. Midnight tonight is silly because everybody will be trashed.

  9. Previous Contest Winner  

    don't count on getting that chocolate bar anytime soon, bwog owes me a tee from last year for winning the comment contest. Bunch of liars and bullies.

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