urisRemember that subprime mortgage-induced liquidity crisis and the subsequent slight dip in the markets as a result of the bailout plan being rejected? Us too. 

Prior to Monday’s rejection of the $700 billion plan, a letter was sent by economists around the country urging Congress not to adopt the plan set forth by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. This petition included 13 signatures of Columbia professors, all of whom work in the Business School and range from those holding named professorships to non-tenure track positions on the faculty. 

From a cursory look into their after-school jobs, it seems as if, like most b-school professors, those who signed on appear to generally back the Wall St. establishment: Christopher Mayer is a real estate expert who moonlights with a hedge fund while Wei Shang-Jin is a vocal supporter of outsourcing and globalization.  In the letter, they stressed a long-term solution that was fair to taxpayers and investors.  The full list of Columbia professors is after the jump. 

Michael Adler, Professor

David Beim, Professor of Professional Practice

Maria Guadalupe, Associate Professor

Andrew Hertzberg, Assistant Professor

Gailen Hite, Curriculum Specialist

Robert J. Hodrick, Nomura Professor of International Finance

Charles M. Jones, Professor

Christopher Mayer, Paul Milstein Professor of Real Estate, Senior Vice Dean

Tomasz Piskorski, Assistant Professor

Wei Shang-Jin, N. T. Wang Professor of Chinese Business and Economy

Morten Sorensen, Associate Professor

Maxim Ulrich, Assistant Professor

Daniel Wolfenzon, Professor