Last time we checked in with our pals over at the Business School, things weren’t looking too hot. Since today was the first good day in a long, long time, Bwog headed over to Uris when the stock market closed this afternoon to see what we could find.

B-Schoolers were clustered around the televisions in the lobby, reading the headlines on the 11.6% gain and the European summit this weekend and chatting happily. The powers that be had wisely chosen this particular day to sell Business School merchandise, and Bwog noted long lines of students shelling out $50 for backpacks.

We asked a vendor clad in a B-school T-shirt that read “we’re the GBA, and we’re here to serve you!” if the mood had been a little more cheerful around school today. “It’s hard to say for sure,” he began. We gave him a few moments, and he lifted his head after stacking another $20 bill into his collection. “But yeah,” he continued, and Bwog may have seen a twinkle in his weary B-school eyes, “yeah, a definitely little bit.”