Examiner.com (no relation to The National Examiner as far as Bwog can tell) recently got a “feel for the current state of undergraduate education in America’s largest city.”  The website has a column about their trip to Columbia, full of delightful vagueties.  Some highlights:

“[T]here’s never been a better time to live and learn in NYC.”  Perhaps they’re referring to Hartley-Wallach.  Bwog isn’t sure why this time is any better than any other time, especially since admission rates are down and food prices are up.

New York is “getting its last kicks” before winter’s bitter coldness, much like the “frenzied squirrel[s]” we see studying in front of Butler.

Columbia has a “left-wing” “air of self-importance,” with the political views of its students becoming “increasingly militant.”  Surely, they cannot be referring to that minor episode a few years back.

Those “hot button social and political issues” are one thing that keep people away; the other are the two — count them — two required SAT II exams.  Wow.